What do we when children bluff to us, adults ?

Mom was searching for the coins she had put in the cup but she couldn’t find them. She repeatedly asked her 7 year old son if he had seen them. He refused total knowledge of it ; since there was no one else at home, she knew he had taken it.

But how is she going to tackle it ?
That particular evening at the ” night story session ” she invented n told a story with the theme around ” telling lies” and kissed him good night.
The boy turned around , hugged her and said he was sorry that he took the change n bought candy next door, cried n apologised; she accepted his apology n reassured him to ask for cash directly.
This was a wise mother who tuned her son from a thief to a realising youngster.
It is important that we turn around difficult situations for our children to meaningful lessons in life. This can be done only if we can understand n communicate to them at the right time n the right manner.

 ——    Mrs.Princess Naik