How do we correct our children?

I am even reluctant to use the word, ‘correct’, as in the larger sense, we can question ourselves saying, who are we to correct another individual and even if they are our own children; but in the picture where they have to be shown the path, may be we can ‘guide’ them.

So the point I m making here is, never use punishment on to a child- as this is a wrong term used on a growing kid.

Here are some examples of guiding a child when she has been found to do the wrong / not prescribed act at home.

If she’s still very young, then making her sit at the corner with a particular chair that she will understand as a ‘ corner chair’ can be done; at this time, all her toys will be removed from her presence.

Older children can be given a cut from their TV time or any such favorite activity can be cut for a short specific period.

Teenagers can be taught to have their specific out side activity be restricted.






Accompanying every such act, there has to be general communication with the child, making them understand the whole exercise.

                                                                                                                           ——MRS.PRINCESS NAIK