I have already told you my dear parents that it s the way we bring up our kids, they react in the future as adults; so if I see young children cuddled in bed with loads of story books pilled next to them, (even if they demand a hot chocolate drink in between!)I know they have been brought up the nicest of ways.


Extension of this could be the numerous Monsoon activities one could have with children at home. Pull out all the board games at home and make it a merry time with coins, paper cash and this could be the base for him to develop his interest in Business Maths, for all you know!

Teaching a child to cut, clean and show a little of the cooking skills and family recipes could be during the rainy season. There is nothing more rewarding to teach a simple family recipe like making an egg plant masala n having it served with hot rice, the entire family enjoying a meal together.

There could be hundred and many more ways to enjoy together; go ahead and use your imagination and teach your child to enjoy the seasons.