Icon New Infant section at Play Coop Icon Admissions open for Play, Pre-School, PP1, PP2 Icon Day Care from Monday to Saturday - 9.00 am to 7.30 pm with Nutritious Lunch / Snacks, Extra curricular activities and Tuitions from Std 1st to Std 6th


Play-School – (Age group:  1 ˝ - 2 ˝ years)

Timing:  9.30am – 11.30am ( 9 am to 12 noon also available)

  Play-School is the first place that a child ventures into away from home
  First place to interact with adults and peers other than family
  Joyful learning through songs & stories , games & activities
  Learning life skills such as taking care of one’s things, good eating and toiletry habits necessary to make a child independent

Pre-School:- (Age group: 2 ˝ - 3 ˝ yrs)

Timing:  9am – 12.00 noon

  Well-structured play and activity based programs
  Involving children in Music, art and craft, dance and observation time activities
  Creative and innovative projects for the young minds
  Play-Coop follows a unique integrated syllabus which is combination of Montessori, Indian and the American system that involves the Play-way Method with lots of activities and projects incorporated in it.

Day-Care Centre:- (Age group: 1 ˝ to 8 yrs)

Timing: 9.00am to 6.30pm


  Day-care centre offers comprehensive care for the child.
  The school has separate facilities for sleeping, dining and play.
  Trained staff – teachers and caretakers ensure attention to children during their time at Play-Coop.
  Provides Wholesome, healthy, balanced, vegetarian meal for lunch/snacks, prepared hygienically and as guided by a trained nutritionist.

A filling snack like idli or dosa, so that a child goes home satisfied .Every day there is a protein based meal, green vegetables, and dessert; Apart from the main lunch, there is always curd rice accompanying it; Two days a week, North Indian menu and two days a week South Indian Menu and one day International Menu is being followed.

  Provides canned, purified water– however, children are requested to bring their own water.

No chocolates and aerated drinks allowed in school, but parents can send milk or juice which will be kept in the refrigerator and microwaved , warmed and given to the child.


Play-Coop offers sessions called ‘COOPS’ between 2pm – 4pm when children engage in activities of a varied nature.  The ‘Coops’ offer the following:-


  Activities in this ‘Coop’ focus on stimulating and developing SKILLS that build self-confidence in a child; nurture and build initiative, individuality and assertiveness.


  This ‘Coop’ offers language based activities that involve vocabulary, creation and expression of ideas, while emphasizing elements in reading such     as diction, intonation, clarity, fluency etc.
Theatre is also a powerful medium that the children take part in and learn. They also stage their in-house productions /plays where children take part   and excel.


  Linking….Connecting….Applying math concepts to practical situations – developing the skill to internalize, apply and evaluate – This is what the  Math Coop offers!


  Creating the space and time for self-expression through the world of colour!

  Play-Coop thus offers an environment that is mentally stimulating and warmly caring!

  Play-Coop allows for a child to evolve and grow in his/her areas of interest!

  The school has access to two doctors Dr. Raji Venkatesh (General Physician) and Dr. Benjamin  (Pediatrician), in the event of a need for a doctor.

  Play-Coop is not in a position to accommodate children who are differently abled.