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I have already told you my dear parents that it s the way we bring up our kids, they react in the future as adults; so if I see young children cuddled in bed with loads of story books pilled next to them, (even if they demand a hot chocolate drink in between!)I know they […]

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How do we correct our children?

I am even reluctant to use the word, ‘correct’, as in the larger sense, we can question ourselves saying, who are we to correct another individual and even if they are our own children; but in the picture where they have to be shown the path, may be we can ‘guide’ them. So the point […]

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What do we when children bluff to us, adults ?

Mom was searching for the coins she had put in the cup but she couldn’t find them. She repeatedly asked her 7 year old son if he had seen them. He refused total knowledge of it ; since there was no one else at home, she knew he had taken it. But how is she […]

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