Give little children the joy of ‘every day activities’.

She was only six years old and heard her say, ‘ I am so bored’ and the way she said was also very cute- she had cupped her face with both her palms widely open and had a pout of her lovely lips and said those words. A typical adult imitation of action and words!

When we adults learn to see excitement in ordinary day- to- day matters and when we celebrate life of its simple joys, then our children will never be looking for outside sources and artificial enhancers of the world.

May be a walk holding hand with the little one to the park down the road, a week end get away with family, a picnic with another friend’s family, a sit down lunch organized at the mother- in- law’s place… could be anything – the important aspect to note is the out look of seeing ordinary things around us and weave a present day attitude of excitement to the kids and to us!

At Play coop it can be a Nature Walk, or Puppet Show or Bubbles Blow Time….but there is never ending excitement that follows and children look forward to each of the activities here; that is because the teachers have woven an excitement package along with each of these and the end result is successful, always !

—-Mrs.Princess Naik