Children feel anger for various reasons such as partiality, peer pressure, being misunderstood and many more reasons. Sometimes it could be imitation of what they see adults flare up at home or could even be of hereditary nature.
What ever be the reason, it is more important to see how we tackle that and how the child could come out of this emotional imbalance without being scathed.
It’s necessary to let the child express herself in a manner without hurting herself or others. Often we hear parents say ‘ don’t hurt others’, ‘don’t shout’ and insist on the child always taking an orderly stand. This cannot help the child when she is overcome with anger. It is better to find out the reason and let her express herself in a manner that is suitable. Practicing yoga, meditation from early days would help in achieving peace within oneself.

                                                                                                                                  —MRS.PRINCESS NAIK