Teaching our children the joy of giving

Christmas is the time of the year to celebrate with one and all; it’s the time of the year to gather together and have fun with family and friends. Extending this thought is also sharing the joy with those who are less privileged than us, and teaching our children the joy of giving.

Calling friends and family and celebrating comes easily for us but the idea of giving to the poor is not considered and if I may say, it is even a burden for some! Is it their fault that some children are born to the poor or to be left in orphanages and is nt it our duty to extend our benefits to the society around?

If we don’t think like this, then how will our children learn to share with those who are not privileged like them? The idea of sharing has to start at home. Following this thought, PLAYCOOP,  which is the home for our children, every year collects and also pays from its own purse towards the joy of 117 orphan girls at HOME OF LOVE, Alamadi. What ever little we could do but we do it with lots of joy and happiness in sharing our love during this happy season of Christmas.

                                                                                                  —-MRS.PRINCESS NAIK