Many parents complain to me that their kids are not going to bed early!

If they are still in the age group of taking a nap in the afternoon, which is below 5 years of age I assume, make sure the afternoon nap is limited to an hour and so only. Also, the timing should not extend to the evening hours but by 3 pm the child should be woken up! Giving some warm milk, banana before their night sleep, can help them, it is said.

For others who have afternoon sessions at school or at Day Care, it is preferable to set a time limit for their bed- time and a regular time schedule is being followed to maintain the body rhyme of the child. For example, if the ‘bed-time’, is fixed at 9 pm, it is better to have the ‘reading & story time’, aro

It is better to avoid TV watching before they go to bed as it is very distracting for the child and also a struggle for the parent to pull them towards their sleeping schedule.

The best way is for the parents and adults to be the example and one cannot afford to have the adults watching TV and sleeping late and asking the younger ones to go to bed early.

—-Ms. Naik