How do we instill confidence in our kids, unless we let them discover their power with in and let them reach up to their dreams?

When we read about the fire accident that took place at the Theni Hills recently, we take pride in ourselves saying we ll never send our children like this; yes, we do have to learn from adverse incidents but we have to absorb the midway attitude and think of letting them to be on their own, after taking the right measures for their safety, of course.

Sending them for Summer Programs, Camping outside, taking part in Walks for Cause, Cycling programs etc. would eventually enrich their lives. In our country we have many opportunities for older kids to explore, from trekking to the mountains –Himalayas, to the forests of Western Ghats…, Mountain Climbing, Snorkeling, Scuba diving in the Oceans around and many more such adventurous activities.

So let us start the life of adventure for our kids this summer!