Exam period turns war- time at home?

It is 11 pm and the child’s eyes are closing; after all, she ‘s only 6 years old. But the mother is relentless, she pinches the child and says she has to finish studying that page as she’s got exam the next day! No, I m not making up this story, dear parents and readers, this was actually narrated by an anxious father the next day when he asked for my advice.

This is not a rare situation, I hear similar cases all the time when there’s exam schedule on the school calendar. Of course, there has to be some kind of seriousness before exams and discipline etc, agreed.

But there’s no need to go overboard with extreme situations and unpleasantness at home during the exam period.

Parents must realize that work during the entire year should be the focus and not suddenly towards tests or exams.

Also, work should be balanced with play and fun and then only the child can absorb the matter without creating tension in her system. This ‘free of tension’, is the most important factor the parents should strive to create at home and the rest will follow without the need to use threats of fear and punishment.

Just try and see if it works, but before that, make sure you have sat by her side the entire year and seen that she has understood her school -work!

—–Mrs.Princess Naik