Kids have the tremendous capacity to be cheerful and most of them look forward going back to school. One has to encourage this spirit and if any chance, kids at home are reluctant to the idea of going back to school, we have to see how we can instill the spirit of enthusiasm in them.

Children must be encouraged about the idea of going back to school and can be helped in getting their bags, water bottles, tiffin boxes ready; their books, brown paper covering sheets, labels etc can be shopped along with the child and thus create the general mood for the school.

Simple get- to -gather evening party can be arranged where they can invite their friends near by and they can help the parent in organizing the party and they can call this the
‘ Back to School,’ party.

Most of all, parents must set an example and get the timing set for the school period and the entire household must adhere to the rescheduled ‘ Early to bed and Early to rise’ policy.